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Periodontal disease, aggressive brushing, and even grinding your teeth could cause your gums to recede. If your gums start to recede, you are at a higher risk for problems like tooth decay, sensitivity, infection, and even tooth loss. The pinhole surgical technique can help you restore your gums to their original position and reduce your risk for these other issues. Keep reading to find out why you should ask your dentist about this surgical technique:

It Restores the Original Aesthetic Appeal of Your Smile
A receding gum line makes your teeth look longer and takes away from the aesthetic appeal of your natural smile. If you are embarrassed to smile after your gums start to recede, the pinhole surgical technique can restore the original aesthetic appeal of your smile and give you more confidence in


the look of your teeth and your gums. Once the procedure is complete, you can enjoy almost immediate results that help you get return to a more attractive smile. After you get this treatment, you will no longer feel embarrassed about showing off your smile.

It Requires Very Little Recovery Time
Another benefit of opting for this technique is the minimal recovery time after you get the treatment. Unlike traditional grafting techniques that require weeks of healing, you can start to feel better much faster after you get the pinhole surgical technique. You do not have to take as much time away from your regular life to get the treatment and restore your gums to their original position.

It Can Treat Multiple Areas in One Visit
When you opt for the pinhole surgical technique, your dentist in Denver can treat multiple areas of the mouth in just one visit. If you do not want to return to the dental office for a lot of visits to get the treatment you need, you should talk to your oral health professional about the pinhole surgical treatment and how it can help you get the results you want.