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Gum disease can contribute to a long list of health problems, from tooth loss to heart disease. Treatment is vital, but it hasn’t always been an easy process for patients. Oftentimes, treating gum disease has meant a series of surgeries that caused post-operative pain and the risk of infection. Now, there is another option, thanks to LANAP. LANAP is a form of laser therapy that eradicates diseased gum tissue without any cutting. Instead, a small laser fiber, about the width of three strands of hair, is placed in between the infected gum tissue and the teeth to treat the infection. LANAP treatment takes place over the course of two appointments, which take about two hours each, and you can return to your usual activities right away. Learn more about LANAP in this infographic from Colorado Advanced Dentistry. Gum disease is a common problem, so please share this useful treatment information with friends and family.

If you have more questions about LANAP laser surgery, call us at (303) 986-9337.