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Laser Therapy for Gum Disease in Denver, CO

Do you suffer from gum disease? This condition is a primary cause of tooth loss, which can impact your appearance, eating and speaking habits, and general confidence. With laser gum treatment, your dentist in Denver can stop the progress of both gingivitis and periodontitis, helping to ensure that your gums remain strong and teeth stable. Using safe and effective laser technology, LANAP treatment can prove instrumental in helping you retain your oral health.

Tissue Removal

Even in its earliest stage, gum disease can wreak havoc on the wellbeing of your gums. This condition weakens the normally durable tissue that surrounds your teeth and keeps them in place. Once impacted by disease, though, your gums may no longer be able to protect your teeth as necessary. LANAP treatment safely removes deteriorated gum tissue with targeted laser energy. During your procedure, you can remain comfortable and free of pain with the help of local anesthesia. Your dentist can also provide other relaxation aids for your complete peace of mind.

Infection Elimination

Another key benefit of using laser gum therapy is its ability to eradicate germs residing between your teeth and gums. When bacteria infiltrate these spaces, they can promote infection, advancing gum disease. As your dentist gently removes damaged gum tissue, she can also eliminate the germs contributing to this side effect of gum disease. This part of the LANAP procedure is especially important, as any lingering bacteria can cause the continual destruction of gum tissue.

Tissue Recovery

Getting laser gum treatment does not have to mean weeks of recovery. Because the LANAP procedure utilizes laser energy, it minimizes the amount of trauma incurred by the gums during treatment. Blood loss is likewise diminished with laser gum therapy, so you can enjoy highly effective treatment minus an extensive healing process. Rapid tissue recovery can also reduce the risk of bacteria entering the treatment areas. Lastly, patients who undergo LANAP treatment often find it to be highly convenient. This procedure produces little discomfort, so when you receive it, you can likely return to your normal activities once you leave the dental office.

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