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Periodontal disease is a serious oral health issue that can have extremely negative effects on a person’s teeth and gums. LANAP laser gum therapy in Denver is an effective treatment for advanced gum disease. Keep reading to learn the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about LANAP:

What is LANAP Treatment?LANAP Gum Treatment in Denver, CO

The LANAP procedure uses a laser to get rid of any diseased gum tissue. It also kills off harmful bacteria that could contribute to more periodontal disease and reduces the amount of infection. The dentist can also use scaling instruments to remove bacteria that might have built upon the roots of the teeth. The laser also helps to ensure clotting so the tissue heals faster.

Why is LANAP Different than Other Gum Therapies?

Since the laser can target such a specific area of the mouth, the dentist only needs to give patients a local anesthetic before performing the procedure. The laser offers some of the most effective results toward reversing the damage caused by gum disease. Since the procedure is virtually painless, a lot of patients are able to return to work on the same day.

Why Do I Need to Treat Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease is caused by a buildup of plaque and bacteria at the gum line. Without the proper treatment, this infection will spread and start to destroy the bones and fibers in the gums. This causes deep pockets to form, where more plaque and bacteria can develop and make the problem worse. People with advanced periodontal disease have a higher risk of losing one or more teeth. They might also experience a higher risk for other health issues like heart disease or stroke.

How Long Does LANAP Take?

The dentist will focus on one side of your mouth during the LANAP procedure. You will need to go in for two two-hour visits to treat your entire mouth. Other gum therapies require between eight and ten one-hour sessions to get rid of the infection.

For more answers to your questions about LANAP laser surgery, give us a call today at (303) 986-9337.