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Colorado Advanced Dentistry Treats Periodontal Disease

Regardless of the specifics of your diagnosis, it is crucial to act quickly and follow your dentist’s instructions when dealing with periodontal disease. Both gingivitis and periodontitis effect Lakewood, CO residents, and can potentially make pre-existing bodily health issues worse. Therefore, our team highly recommends following the treatment regimen we prescribe to a “T,” ensuring your teeth remain healthy and vibrant. If you’ve noticed some of the signs of periodontal disease, the first step is to give Colorado Advanced Dentistry a call. Our dentist in Lakewood will take it from there.

When to Give Colorado Advanced Dentistry A Call

You might be more than prepared to begin treatment for periodontal disease. For some of our patients, the hardest part is making the call to Colorado Advanced Dentistry to schedule an appointment. Fear of the dentist plays a role. However, they might not realize there’s something wrong. There are several symptoms around your mouth to look out for:

  • Gums
    Pay attention to your gums before, during, and after you brush your teeth. They should never be red, swollen, or tender. They shouldn’t bleed when you brush or floss your teeth. They shouldn’t recede either. Finally, you shouldn’t see pus between your teeth and gums. If you notice any of these symptoms, you might be suffering from periodontal disease.
  • Teeth
    If you’ve noticed changes in your teeth’s appearance, you should call a dentist. These changes aren’t always due to periodontal disease. However, loose or separating teeth or changes to your bite could indicate periodontitis, a condition that you must address immediately.
  • Mouth
    There are other signs of periodontal disease, and they’re unrelated to your gums or teeth. If you have bad breath and it persists no matter how much you brush your teeth or how much gum you chew, then there’s a chance there’s something wrong. Give Colorado Advanced Dentistry a call.
  • Other factors
    In addition to changes to your teeth, gums, or mouth, periodontal disease can also impact how partial dentures fit. While dentures do need to be adjusted from time to time, it’s worth exploring whether you have periodontal disease, especially if you notice any of the above symptoms.
Periodontitis Treatment by Dr Whatcott in Lakewood, CO

Maintain Your Oral Health with More Visits to the Dentist

The good news is, that periodontal disease – especially gingivitis – is treatable. Once we’ve completed a periodontal treatment regimen, we’ll begin devising a maintenance schedule meant to avoid flareups or a reoccurrence of the disease. While most patients can see our dentists for a regular checkup once a year, we recommend four visits per year to clean plaque from your teeth and make sure periodontal disease isn’t returning. One of the reasons we want to do this is to make sure pocket depths remain unchanged, and we can only do so by seeing you more than once a year. More importantly, as a patient who has periodontal disease, cleaning the area around your gums is critical.

How We Maintain Periodontal Disease

Colorado Advanced Dentistry needs to perform more than standard cleanings. While it might be inconvenient, keeping up with the plan is important to stay healthy. Some of the additional appointments we’ll recommend to keep up with your periodontitis or gingivitis treatment include:

Frequent Diagnostic X-Rays

Colorado Advanced Dentistry’s dental professionals posses the ability to perform visual inspections of your teeth. Still, we also use the technology available to us, and that means x-rays. These tests allow our dentists to get an up-close view of your teeth and gums and make sure we’re keeping periodontal disease at bay.

Checking On Restoration Work

Another critical function of a regular checkup involves making sure your existing restoration work is holding up. Periodontal disease can impact partial dentures, for example, so it is crucial to make sure restoration work remains unchanged.

Measuring Tooth Decay

During all routine checkups, our dentists check for tooth decay. However, this becomes all the more essential for patients who suffer from periodontal disease, which is one of the reasons we need you to see us four times a year instead of once.

Oral Hygiene Modifications

Colorado Advanced Dentistry helps patients treat periodontal diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. But there’s only so much we can do; the rest is up to you. We might recommend a special toothbrush or modified flossing techniques.

Contact Colorado Advanced Dentistry for an Appointment

Colorado Advanced Dentistry provides superior dental care to all Lakewood and Lakewood, CO patients. Periodontal disease doesn’t have to make a dramatic impact on your life. With treatment and hard work on your part, you can overcome it and save your sparkling smile. To learn more about everything Colorado Advanced Dentistry has to offer, contact us today. While we’re speaking with you, we can schedule an appointment to resolve your gingivitis or periodontitis.