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Gum Recession Treatment in Denver, CO

Pinhole Surgical Technique by Colorado Advanced Dentistry 

If you’re a Denver, CO resident who have been experiencing gum recession issues, Colorado Advanced Dentistry is here to help! We offer gum therapy solutions that will have you back to healthy, happy gums in no time! Gum recession is the process in which the tissue surrounding the teeth begins to pull away from the tooth. This process will eventually work to expose more of the tooth and even the tooth’s root. To avoid further damage to your gums and supporting bone, it is vital to have this condition treated by a seasoned professional.

At our office, Dr. Mark Whatcott, DDS stands firmly behind the pinhole technique for gum recession treatment because of the numerous innovations it offers over traditional gum grafting. If you’re wondering, “what’s the difference between the two?”, here’s a breakdown:

After Gum Disease Treatment at Colorado Advanced Dentistry

Traditional Gum Grafting   

Traditional gum recession treatment involves the use of donor tissue or soft tissue grafts to rebuild the gum line. The gum grafting procedure consists of removing a flap of skin from the roof of the mouth and removing tissue from under the flap, which is then grafted onto the area needing attention. By suturing this soft tissue in place, it will join with the existing gum tissue as it begins to heal. Both the donor site and the treated gums will likely need sutures, and recovery from gum graft surgery takes approximately three to four weeks. Though this traditional gum recession surgery is effective, Dr. Whatcott’s Lakewood, CO office offers gum graft alternatives that provide a better patient experience.

Before Pinehole Surgery Treatment in Denver, CO

Pinhole Surgical Technique

The pinhole technique is a non-invasive treatment option that works to reverse gum recession without the need for invasive surgical tools, grafting, cutting, or suturingThe pinhole technique begins by Dr. Whatcott making a small hole in the patient’s existing gum tissue with a sharp needle. Through this pinhole, a specialized instrument works to elevate the gum tissue away from the bone and tooth. Once lifted, the gum is easily loosened, expanded, and gently slid to its proper positioning on the gum line. With the gums in place, collagen strips are placed through the pinhole and pushed under the gums to cover any previously exposed root structures. Through this gum therapy, the tissue is supported, and the collagen strips work to assist in root coverage and a quick healing process. Recovery after pinhole gum surgery will typically only take one day. With no incisions made during this gum recession treatment method, the holes in your gums heal reasonably quickly. Patients express feeling minimal-to-no discomfort following the procedure

Better Alternatives Offering Better Results

Dr. Whatcott is one of the handful of dentists in the entire world that is trained and licensed to perform this revolutionary receding gum surgery. This innovative solution to gum recession will save you time, peace of mind, and money! When you need comprehensive gum grafting alternatives in Denver, CO, the office of Colorado Advanced Dentistry is ready to serve. Contact us today to set up an appointment.