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If you find yourself experiencing periodontal disease in Denver, it would be wise to learn about the LANAP treatment. Gum disease is an infection of the gum tissue that surrounds one’s teeth. Currently, it affects almost half of all adults. While this statistic might sound daunting, working with a dentist who is knowledgeable in periodontal treatments, such as the LANAP procedure, can help treat your gum disease symptoms.

LANAP Procedure Questions

What is the LANAP Procedure?

The LANAP procedure rids the patient of the gum disease by removing the infection and closing up the once-contaminated pockets. Dentists who provide the LANAP procedure allow patients an alternative to traditional periodontal treatments. Instead of using scalpels and undergoing multiple invasive surgeries to remove the bacteria that cause gum disease, the LANAP procedure uses a laser for minimally invasive treatment.

What Happens During the LANAP Procedure?

The LANAP procedure is a one-time, two-hour session. During this session, your dentist will use an extremely thin laser to remove unwanted plaque that has hardened into tartar. The laser is placed in-between the tooth and the infected gum to easily remove harmful tartar that causes gum disease. After clearing away the tartar with the laser, your dentist is able to easily remove any residue that still may be between the gum and tooth. Once all the plaque is removed from the infected areas, you will be sent on your way without any sutures.

What are the Benefits of the LANAP Procedure?

Considering the LANAP treatment allows patients the option to get rid of gum disease with a minimally invasive procedure, patients feel less pain than with traditional scalpel methods. Also, most scalpel procedures require a patient to return to the dentist for multiple visits to abolish all the hard-to-reach tarter. The LANAP procedure, however, allows for patients to be done after one quick, two-hour session. This saves the patient time and money. Additionally, because the gums are not cut open, stitches are unnecessary and the patient is able to heal quickly without the risk of post-treatment infection.

Still have questions about LANAP laser surgery? Give us a call today at (303) 986-9337.