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LANAP Laser Gum Surgery FAQ 

If you are considering LANAP gum surgery, contact the office of Colorado Advanced Dentistry in the Denver, CO, area for a consultation. We have performed LANAP procedures for many patients at our practice. If you aren’t sure what this type of surgery is, or you would like to learn more, please see our frequently asked questions below. You can also contact us if you don’t see an answer to your question here. 

Here are some of the questions our practice gets most often when it comes to the LANAP procedure:

What is LANAP laser gum surgery?  

LANAP stands for laser assisted new attachment procedure, and it used as a non-invasive method to treat gum disease. This type of treatment uses laser pulses rather than a surgical procedure to address gums that are in poor health. It is rapidly becoming a very popular treatment in dental offices, and we have adopted it to promote better gum health in our practice.  

What are the benefits of the LANAP procedure?  

There are many benefits to employing the LANAP procedure, and one of the most important is that it is less painful and uncomfortable for the patient. Other gum treatments involve cutting and stitching, while the LANAP procedure utilizes the laser to treat gum disease. This technique also has a faster healing time, lower risk of infection, and encourages tissue regeneration. 

Who is a candidate for LANAP therapy?  

LANAP therapy is an excellent choice for patients with gum disease—especially those who have more severe cases. Because it is less invasive and painful than traditional treatments, using LANAP can make the patient far more comfortable. If you would like to see if this type of gum treatment makes sense for your needs, contact us to learn more. 

How many treatments will I need with the LANAP treatment?  

For most patients, a two-visit treatment is sufficient when using the LANAP procedure. Our highly-trained dentist will perform the procedure by treating half of your mouth each time you come in. We can give you a better idea of exactly what your treatment will look like and how much time it will take after we consult with you. Get in touch to make an appointment. 

How does LANAP surgery compare to conventional gum surgery? 

Patients are generally more prone to opt for treatment if the procedure isn’t as difficult to sit through. One of the primary benefits to using the LANAP protocol is the dentist doesn’t have to cut and sew your gums to treat the diseased tissue. LANAP uses an advanced laser (the PerioLase MVP-7) to dial in treatment that is far more comfortable than traditional gum surgery. LANAP treatment is also easier to recover from than surgical treatment for gum disease. 

LANAP Gum Surgery Consultations  

Get in touch with our office to make an appointment for a LANAP consultation. Our dentist will talk with you about the procedure in detail and work with you to create a treatment plan that makes sense for your needs.

Contact us to make an appointment for LANAP treatment.


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