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Colorado Advanced Dentistry Performs Dental Exams

Colorado Advanced Dentistry performs dental checkups for Lakewood and Denver, CO patients, as well as those who live in nearby areas. We’re well known for our extensive dental services, and we’re proud to offer them to you. Dental checkups are critical to your overall health. While you might not enjoy the dentist, you shouldn’t ignore dental checkups. They don’t hurt, and we take every measure to reduce any discomfort you might feel during the process. Our dentists’ experience enables them to provide excellent dental care, but it also taught them to do so compassionately. So, if you’re one of the patients who are anxious about the dentist, we’re equipped to provide the care you need.

Why Can’t I Delay My Annual Dental Cleaning?

You should schedule a dental checkup once a year unless you have frequent tooth issues or you are predisposed to potential oral health diseases. These appointments are crucial to ensuring you and your teeth have a long and healthy relationship with one another. Some of the most compelling reasons not to skip your yearly dental checkups include:

Your oral hygiene suffers

Even if you brush and floss every day and use high-grade mouthwash, you still need to see a dentist for an annual cleaning. Toothbrushes and dental floss are not 100 percent effective in targeting plaque. Only a dentists’ expertise and tools can remove the remaining plaque. Remember, untreated plaque causes periodontal diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.

We can’t catch problems early

Many minor dental issues, such as cavities, can grow worse. As they do, the fixes grow more expensive, such as crowns or root canals. Not only will those solutions cost money, they are also painful and inconvenient. Wouldn’t you rather receive a filling than a root canal or a root canal over treatment for an abscessed tooth? There’s no good reason to delay your appointment.

It potentially costs money

As noted above, restorative dental work costs money, and so do more extensive cosmetic treatments. Even with superior insurance, you will likely pay more than you’re comfortable with to restore the functional capabilities and look of your smile and jawline. Save yourself the money and see us just once a year.

Dental health is related to overall health

Don’t believe us? Did you know periodontitis, a severe form of periodontal disease, is loosely linked to heart disease? Those with diabetes should take special care to make their annual checkups as the condition can impact your mouth’s healing capabilities

They prevent tooth loss and decay

There isn’t much a dentist can do about significant tooth decay. Eventually, we pull the affected teeth. As noted above, restoration treatments – like implants – are not cheap. Save yourself the time, embarrassment, and money and see Colorado Advanced Dentistry once a year.

What to Expect from a Visit to Colorado Advanced Dentistry

Dental checkups are nothing to be nervous about! Many patients might fear the possibility of additional corrective action, so we thought a few facts might help. Root canals have a fearsome reputation, but they are nowhere near as painful as their reputation suggests. The same is true with a cavity filling. We perform all additional procedures with compassion, and we communicate what we need to do to help you. There’s nothing to worry about. As for the checkup itself, we try our best to minimize any discomfort you might experience. We provide anxiety relief therapies, including sedation dentistry, and use calming voices when performing the checkup. Dental cleanings include:

A Professional Cleaning

We use specialized tools to clean tartar and plaque from your teeth. While buildup is normal, it needs to be removed, and the only way to do so is by visiting the Lakewood dentists at Colorado Advanced Dentistry.

An Exam

During the exam, our dentist visually investigates your teeth for signs of decay on the surface of the tooth. We measure the gum pockets to measure whether you have a periodontal disease of any kind.


Once the cleaning and exam are over, we used x-ray equipment to discover any damage we cannot see through visual inspection.

Oral Cancer Screening

Lastly, we screen you for cancer by inspecting the soft tissues in your mouth for any indications of oral cancer.

Schedule an Annual Checkup with Colorado Advanced Dentistry

As you can see, dental checkups are not something worth stressing over. We don’t advise our patients to wait or delay treatment. No matter how unpleasant it might sound, it is important to seek treatment for periodontal disease In addition to regular dental services, Colorado Advanced Dentistry also provides services for periodontal disease, laser gum therapy, and cosmetic dentistry. We get it done by trusting the technology available to us and using the experience we’ve gained from years in the industry. Contact us today to schedule your dental cleaning.