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Do you become inexplicably agitated or nervous at the dentist office? Do you occasional cancel your checkups because of the stress they cause? Then you might suffer from dental anxiety. This condition can arise for any number of reasons, including past dental problems and personal space issues. However, dental anxiety doesn’t have to keep you out of the dentist’s chair. You and your Denver dentist can employ numerous strategies that will calm your fears and help you receive the care you need for a healthy and beautiful smile.

Explain Your Fears
Central to overcoming your dental anxiety is talking about it. Trying to downplay your fears or even ignore them can make an already stressful situation more difficult. When you discuss your worries with your dentist, she can get to the source of your anxiety. For instance, if you get nervous because of the pain you’ve experienced with other dental professionals, your dentist can see to it that you are completely comfortable during each phase of your treatment. New anxiety reduction services such as NuCalm and easy pain minimizing procedures like LANAP treatment can greatly reduce any dental discomfort.


Practice Calming Techniques
You can ease your dental anxiety hours before you arrive at the dental office. First, consider your daily habits. Are you a coffee drinker? Though coffee can provide a burst of energy, it can also heighten nervousness. Refraining from your normal cup the day of your visit could help in alleviating your anxiety. Second, practice relaxing exercises. Taking slow, deep breaths is one way to settle your nerves. Sitting for a few minutes in quiet meditation can also calm an agitated mind.

Keep Your Dentist Appointments
Dental anxiety can quickly escalate should your dentist inform you that you have considerable dental work needs. In many cases, though, extensive teeth and gum problems result from ignoring early warning signs. When you go to the dentist on a regular basis, she can identify and address tooth decay and gum disease problems long before they necessitate extensive dental care. Make going to the dentist a biannual commitment so that you can have minor oral health problems attended to when they are still manageable.

Anxiety Reduction Services in Denver, CO