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The gums hold the teeth into place and keep the sensitive roots protected from decay, sensitivity, and infection. Certain conditions like periodontal disease and bruxism can lead to gum recession. Aggressive brushing might also contribute to this condition. If the gums start to recede, it could cause discomfort and increase a person’s risk for tooth loss, root cavities, and periodontal disease. The pinhole surgery technique in Denver targets this gum recession before it can cause major problems. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this technique:

It Provides the Most Natural Looking Results
Although there are many treatment options that can prevent gum recession from getting any worse, they do not all offer the best aesthetic results. The pinhole surgical technique allows the dentist to restore a natural looking gum line that gives patients back confidence in their smiles. After the procedure, most people enjoy almost immediate aesthetic results. People who get the pinhole surgical technique feel more comfortable smiling, talking, eating, and laughing around other people.

It Reduces Recovery Time
Because the pinhole surgical technique is so precise and fast, it has a much shorter recovery time than other procedures that target gum recession. Treatments like grafting techniques might take about three weeks to completely heal. Patients who get the pinhole surgical technique heal in a fraction of the time. In fact, many people heal completely within a day. The treatment is not painful and does not use incisions to treat the affected area.

It Can Treat Multiple Areas at Once
Other gum recession treatments can only target one area of the mouth at one time, which means that patients have to return for a lot of visits. The dentist can use the pinhole surgical technique on multiple areas of the mouth at one time. In just one visit, you can get the treatment you need throughout your mouth instead of needing to make repeat appointments to deal with a lot of gum recession.

Benefits of Pinhole Surgery Technique by Colorado Advanced Dentistry